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Review: Speech Therapy & Voice Coaching (Private)

I saw Sue for my first session of therapy. I didnt know what to expect but Sue was so lovely and welcoming . She made me feel so at ease and relaxed. Thank you so much Sue, keep being a shining star!

Reviewed by olivia muirhead on 02/11/2022

Review: J.D Worrall (Conservation)

Absolutely top man for furniture restoration. He’s delightful, so knowledgable, courteous, helpful and highly skilled! He’s done a wonderful job with a cabinet and a Victorian chair which are both family pieces. They were badly sun damaged and also affected by central heating! They look lovely now. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thankyou John.

Reviewed by Carol Taylor on 26/09/2022

Review: North Financial Services Ltd

Everyone complaining below, it's your own fault. If you're dumb enough to pay a fee then you deserve everything you get. You're obviously using a brokerage because you can't get a loan else where, may be that should ring alarm bells that your credit rating is that shocking, you can't get a loan. It's a brokerage service, not a lender and the loans are always subject to status and affordability checks, which by the sounds of it, none of you could afford it.

Reviewed by Rich Flyer on 19/07/2022

Review: Opulenza

If you’re looking for more than just buying the component parts for your bathroom and are in need of advice, support and peace of mind after purchasing - I would AVOID this business at all costs. I have recently spent a five-figure sum on a single bathroom at Opulenza, in the knowledge that whilst I could have likely sourced the goods cheaper at various online retailers, I was in need of advice and wanted the hassle and my own time taken out of the process. Unfortunately, my experience was everything but hassle-free. Starting with the toilet unit being dropped and broken by the delivery driver, I was told a replacement would be “expedited within 2 days”. One week later, I chased up having not heard anything to be told it would another week. I then chased up 8 days later to be told it would be another 4-6 weeks! I had a contractor team who were doing their best to work around this, but they had committed work after my project so I already started to incur knock on costs. I raised a complaint with the sales person who sold me the equipment and to my shock, he was actually defensive, raising his voice back to me and blaming suppliers and delivery drivers - taking zero accountability for the issues on behalf of the company! This was followed up by two other parts being faulty / incorrect together with the scale drawing they produced for me as part of the service ending up being way-off scale, leading to more installations issues and costs. All the way through, it was me chasing them, with no proactive updates, only to be given updates that were then not delivered on. In the end, I couldn’t risk losing the builder, so found the toilet I needed from another local supplier despite being told of “world wide shortages” by Opulenza. That toilet was delivered (to my door) the next day! The knock on costs to my overall project as a result of the mishaps have added almost 20% to my fitting costs. I was so frustrated that I found the details for the “Managing Director” (Richard Osbourne) from LinkedIn but had to get his email address from their reception. I raised a formal, but polite complaint to him asking what he proposed to compensate me for the knock on costs I had incurred as a result of his company’s mistakes, but heard nothing back for a week, so followed up. Over a month has passed and I still haven’t heard and have realised I never will, hence prompting me to write this review. If this was a bank, I would escalate to an ombudsman, but it’s not and I don’t have a presence on social media so can’t share my experience that way, but if you read this, I would recommend you think carefully before you decide to part ways with your money to this business.

Reviewed by Mark Davies on 14/06/2022

Review: Edgar Brothers Outdoor & Airsoft

Fit birds great price!

Reviewed by Black Thunder on 30/04/2022

Review: Raja Bros

To be honest...Racist through and through! No doubt...if i could bomb this store I would!!

Reviewed by HIGGS BOSON-SHATNER on 01/01/2022

Review: Property Watch

Dimitri has serviced my house alarm at my last 3 houses. He is always TOTALLY reliable, fast & efficient. He installed the alarm at my last house, his prices are VERY reasonable & in all the years he has been servicing my alarms I have NEVER had to call him out with a problem in between services, his work is that good. He is professional, polite & has a friendly manner. I Highly recommend Dimitri, I NEVER use anyone else. Fantastic service once again from Dimitri. He has serviced the alarm at my last 3 houses, he actually fitted the alarm at my last house & did an excellent job for a very reasonable price. In all the years Dimitri has been servicing my alarms I have NEVER had to call him out in between services, his work is that good. He is professional, efficient, TOTALLY reliable & polite. I highly recommend Dimitri, in fact I NEVER use anyone else.

Reviewed by Sheila Hamilton on 16/10/2021

Special Offer:   End of Tenancy Cleaning

When it's time to leave and after everything is packed and loaded the flat looks awfully large when it's empty. But also all the signs of use are visible. There will be shadows on the wall where pictures and posters used to be. We'll take care of that for the lowest price of £89.

Added by Carpet Cleaning Bredbury on 19/05/2021